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<aside> 💡 This page details how the Gitpod Community or Gitpodders can host a meet-up in their local area.


What is a Gitpod Community meet-up?

Gitpod Community meet-ups are organized by us and passionate community members in their local area.

They are an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, to learn and share the best Gitpod and cloud development environments (CDE) practices and knowledge.

It is also a way to bring our primarily virtual Gitpod community to life!

You can find all our existing meet-up groups on Guild.

If this is your first time joining a group/meet-up

There may already be a Gitpod Community group or event happening in your local area! Before creating a new one, it’s worth checking out the existing groups on our Guilds Network 👇


If there are no existing groups…

Lead by example 😎 Why not kick off the very first meet-up in your area?

  1. Get started by creating a Guild


  1. Inform the Community team on our Discord server about the new Guild so that we can add it to the official Network and create a #gitpod-<location> channel on Discord.
  2. You’re ready to create your first community event! Under + > Event > Create a Draft Event
    1. Remember to add it to the Guild you just created